Vpower is a specialized sales and marketing agency always striving to outpass your desire and hand you the visibility you were seeking.

Prepared by numerous years working in the retail industry, experience as a wholesaler sales representative and my pure love of honest sales; desire to represent lines that I would be proud to endorse was growing.

On the other side, I was doing promotional marketing activations since I was 17 years old and was becoming a reference; wasn’t ready to give that area up. This is why the agency was officially established in 2015.

The solution: Vpower Agency!!

We are offering three divisions that can complete each other or work independently: sales representation, visual presentation and experiential marketing. You can visit the "Services" section for more information on any of our offers.


Sales representation

* Are you always searching for new products to add to your gifts, kitchen or decor assortment?
* Do you appreciate when your sales representative realizes the ups and downs of their products and knows how to indicate the best ones for your assortment, store and customers?
* Would you prefer to deal with an agency open to changes and new challenges of retail and marketing?
* Do you love the idea of suppliers that will respect your territory and distance their retailers for a maximum of sales for all?

It is exactly what we offer: a selection of suppliers that we love and with who we share values. An enlighten representation driven by your store and customers, as well as respect and profound appreciation of the relation that we are developing with the stores owners and their buyers. We are proud to honor our customers territory and area to maximize sales for each of our retailers. We also believe that there is a product for each customer and no products for all of them. If one or the other of the suppliers we represent intrigues you or is a great fit for your boutique, simply fill out the "Prospect" form down below.

If you’d like us to represent your brand or would like to offer one of our lines in your store, please refer to the prospect form below.


Promotional & Experiential

We offer a complete service of event organization or can handle only specified parts of your event organization. We also offer the team you need to bring great activations to life all around Quebec and Ontario. We are the good choice to make all your personal and commercial events memorable.

Event organization for your personal or promotional needs, personalized to your taste and your budget.
In store visual presentation/Event decor
In store product demonstration, tasting
Company or product launch
Brand ambassadors, models, team leaders all around Quebec and Ontario

These customers trusted us :

Merchandising & Visual presentation

Imagine your store organized, clean and making people stop from the mall or street.
Imagine you don't have to do it yourself by doing extra hours, hiring a full time person at high cost or wish for more creativity in order to have a better visual presentation that will increase complementary sales.
Vpower Agency makes this possible.

Why should you wish to do business with us?

  • We want to make your business or events "the next big HIT" and you’ll be the center of our attention.
  • We value proper work and great relations for long term relationships.
  • Punctuality, creativity and professionalism are only a small part of what we have in store for you.
  • We establish our pricing based on your project, needs and budget. That's why there is no reason not to try Vpower.